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PORTFOLIO: Non-Profits

Volunteers help in a Port au Prince hospital in Haiti on September 17, 2011. (photo copyright Karen Ducey)
Sabrina Jones shares a moment with her son Traveonte Glover, age 19 months, in the daycare center at Southwest Youth & Family Services.  Sabrina is studying for her GED in a class for teen mothers at the center.  She takes a bus about 4 days a week to get here and likes coming to the center because there is always someone there to talk to about family issues if you need it.
A mass casualty incident drill simulating a helicopter crash, is held in Jean Marie Vincent 2, a tent city in Port au Prince, Haiti for EMT students through EMPACT Northwest. The students first reviewed their lessons at Boujet Park where they have translated Haitian Creole for English speaking medical personal for almost two years since the earthquake in 2010. Volunteer instructors from EMPACT NW applied moulage - make up to look like mock injuries- to residents who volunteered for the training drill. Also present were the United Nations Police who have been stationed there for two weeks. The camp is on the site of Haiti's first Airport, Bowen Field. Several old derelict airplanes and helicopters litter the area and are being used by people for shelter. (photo copyright Karen Ducey)
A tent city by the airport in Port Au Prince, Haiti 2011 ( © Karen Ducey 2011)
Families leave after graduation ceremonies were held for students of EMPACT NW who were trained in Basic EMT, in Port au Prince, Haiti on September 20, 2011. EMPACT NW is a non-profit based out of Washington state. (photo copyright Karen Ducey)
Pasados Safe Haven volunteer Jen Crotzer from Vail, CO, tries to coax a dog towards her as animal rescue efforts continue after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on September 15, 2995.  © Karen Ducey
Donna yells straight into her son, Joseph's ear, hoping he can hear something.  Joseph was born both deaf and blind
Joseph is deaf and blind
Nelida Loza, age 10 (Top bunk) watches her mother, Aurelio Loza of Tacoma, WA, tend to her brother, Pedro Loza, 6, (in bed).  Using a new machine Aurelio must take Pedro's blood pressure, temperature, and weight every night, then administer a dialysis for him using  a machine donated to them by the Children's Hospital in Seattle.  Pedro needs a kidney transplant but can't get one because he is an immigrant.  His sister Nelida also  needs one but not as badly.  She gets nutitiontreatments everynight.
Tsige Tafesse from Young Women Empowered competes in the semi-finals of the Social Innovation Fast Pitch held in Seattle, Wash. on October 3, 2012
The Social Innovation Fast Pitch competition sponsored by Social Venture Partners is held at the Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center on October 3, 2011.