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PORTFOLIO: Portraits

Ryan Henry Ward, an artist who specializes in murals and canvas paintings, is photographed in front of a mural he did at Dive Commercial International in Seattle, Wash. on July 24, 2013. Ward, describes his work as
Sal's Barber Shop owners Brian Rauschenbach, left, and Marcus Lalario have groomed their business to cater to the hip-hop crowd, with music in the air and memorabilia on the walls.
Mercedes Yaeger of Market Ghost Tours says ghosts have been seen in the Market Theater in Post Alley behind her in Seattle, Wash.
Larry Harvey, the creator of Burning Man, photographed at The Capitol Hill Arts Center in Seattle, 2008.  (© Karen Ducey/ Seattle PI)
Junior Renteria, one years old, celebrates Mexican Independence Day with his family at St. Patricks Church in Indianapolis, IN.
Artist Haruko Shimizo and her son, Mike Shimizo at her home in Seattle, Wash.
Henry Lo looks out the window of his business and home in Seattle.  A woman had been shot outside his doorway last night leaving a bullet hole in the front window of his office and blood on the sidewalk in front. (© Karen Ducey/Seattle PI)
Wildlife activist, Ben White, suffers from cancer, in Friday Harbor, WA on May 19, 2005. (staff photo/Karen Ducey)
Anna Oxygen describes her performance as a psychedelic 80's dance adventure. (staff photoo/Karen Ducey)
Jennifer Powell poses with an American flag for the photographer in Bothell, Wash.  Her husband, Sgt. Christopher Powell with the 181st support batallion of the 81st Brigade will be returning home soon from Iraq.  They first met on Jan. 23rd and were married on March 9, 2005, a day before he left for the Middle East.
Layla Bush poses for a portrait with her bullet wounds and scars at her home in Seattle.  Bush nearly died after being shot in the Jewish Federation building.  (© Karen Ducey/Seattle PI)
 (PI photo/Karen Ducey)
Chuck Holmes of the Edmonton Flyers, a minor-league Canadian hockey player, played against the Seattle Totems from about 1955-1963 and recieved a full share of animosity from Seattle fans.  When he was traded in 1965-1972 to the Totems the fans grew to love him.  In 1972 he became coach but the Totems had the worst season in WHL histtory.  He now lives on Bainbridge Island.
Howard Bates, age 92, sits in front of a 1932 Auburn 8 cylinder convertible at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum where he works as a docent.  Indiana's luxury car industry flourished through the depression but didn't survive the industry trend toward inexpensive, mass produced vehicles introduced afterwards.
Laser light artist, John Borcherding, poses for a portrait at the Pacific Science Center on January 27, 2011. (photo credit Karen Ducey)
Owner of Amoure on the Boulevard, Phyllis Heppenstall, is photograpphed at her store in Southcenter, Seattle
Ryan Henry Ward, an artist who specializes in murals and canvas paintings, peers out the window of his colorful van in Seattle, Wash. on July 24, 2013. Ward, describes his work as
When David is taken swimming each week, he just floats, sometimes for the entire session.  In the water he experiences what hydrotherapists call
K.C. Herren plays baseball for Auburn HS.
Jarvis and Elmer on their front porch in Indianapolis. (© Karen Ducey)
Meeru Dhalwala, owner of Shanik Restaurant in Seattle, Wash. on June 6, 2013.
Katie Merwick shows lots of affection to her horses on her ranch, the Second Chance Ranch in Elma, Wash.  on December 12, 2007.  Merwick has 23 rescue horses, most of whom were discarded form the race horse industry, and 11 dogs and a wolf sanctuary.  She had no power for 4 days during a recent storm and her fields are still muddy from all the rain.  Today one of her horses suffered from colic and had to be walked constantly so he couldn't lie down and possibly roll over moving his intestines and killing him.  The vet came to visit and friends of hers showed up to help.
Paula Jean Stierns  (left) lies passed out on her husband's lap.  She had lived in a shack with her husband Donald Raymond Stierns (right) for almost four years off N. Skyview Dr. in Sultan,WA.  After their shack caught on fire the pair moved into a trailer which someone had donated to them.  About a dozen people live in makeshift housing on the Skyview Dr. upsetting many in the city.
Blake Lewis, from Bothel, WA, who came in runner-up in the American Idol competition 2007, came out with an album shortly afterwards.  He's shown in his favorite venue, Seamonster Lounge. Photo: Karen Ducey/Seattle PI
Ray Hanson hugs his wife Patricia after a meeting of the Fiercely Independent Elders group Feb. 3, 2004.  Ray and his wife started the group 15 years ago with two other friends.