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PORTFOLIO: Reportage

A hockey fan, from Vancouver, BC, yells in front of a car lit by rioters shortly after the Canuck's were defeated by the Boston Bruins in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup in Vancouver, BC on June 15, 2011. The hockey fan says he was yelling over the defeat.
A man who didn't want to give his name, marches in front of a Mexican flag with 15,000 others in Seattle during a rally for immigration rights on April 10, 2006.  Asking for amnesty, equal rights, open borders, recognition and respect they demonstrated in solidarity with hundreds of thousands across America demanding immigration reform. (© Karen Ducey/Seattle PI)
Steadying themselves on the pitching, water-sloshed deck, two crewmen from the Polar Lady move a sorting table loaded with Opilio crab. In January and February crabbers fish for “Opies” or snow crabs—smaller cousins of king crabs—with 700-pound (315.5-kilogram) crab pots. Even as the boats battle 30-foot (9-meter) waves and heavy gales the crew must hoist, stack, move, and empty pots. The work is tedious, and crabbers always run the risk of being hit suddenly by a swinging or falling crab pot.   © Karen Ducey
SAILOR'S GREETING::  Carmen Sanchez holds balloons and waves to sailors aboard the USS Abe Lincoln as it returns home to Everett, Wash. in 2003 after 9 months at sea in the Persian Gulf.  Carmen was there greeting her son Jonathan from Oregon.
Connelly Brooks does a flip off a log at Carkeek Park in Seattle while his brother, Winfield (left), watches.   Winfield said they decided to spend the day at the park
The Blue Angels appear to be flying out of the chimney of the Ebenezer A.M.E. Zion Church in the Central District on August 3, 2005. (PI photo/Karen Ducey)
A 1973 Dodge pickup truck sits along the Columbia River in Schawana, Washington on February 8, 2011. Owner Bruce Howden says it was bought for him by his father as a graduation present in 1973 and has 56,000 original miles on it. (photo copyright Karen Ducey)
Evan Fink, lead tech from the Washington state Department of Transportation, from Twisp, WA, leans out of his car window to watch a plow shovel snow as he talks with Jeff Adamson (left), DOT communications manager for NW region
AMERICAN FAMILY::  Heidi and Aaron Conger with with 7-month-old daughter, Kennedy, spend a quiet moment together as families say goodbye during a farewell ceremony of Detachment Communications Company Headquarters Battalion 4th MARDIV at the Hessler Naval Armory in Indianapolis, Ind. Aaron will head to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and then to an undisclosed location in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
Bloody sneakers are all that remain after rescue workers take away two victims of a stabbing incident in Seattle.  (© Karen Ducey/Seattle PI 2005)
A tent city by the airport in Port Au Prince, Haiti 2011 ( © Karen Ducey 2011)
Melody Estrella, 12, feeds milk to Eva, a one day old calf, three times a day at the Estrella Family Creamery in Montesano,Wash.  on November 4, 2010.  The Food and Drug Administration ordered the Estrella Family Creamery in Montesano,Wash.  to stop processing cheeses after it found listeria bacteria on some of the cheeses this year.  The family says they have made many renovations on the farm and the bacteria is only found on the soft cheese, not everything.  They believe they should be allowed to resume making cheese and sell the hard cheeses they have already made at the facility.  The creamery is one of Washington's most famous artisan cheesemakers.
Hugged by their mother, siblings mourn their older brother's death at a holiday service at the Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Renton, Wash. on Sunday, December 10, 2006.  Their older brother, Michael Miller, had been killed several months ago after he was accidentally shot by another teenage brother while the two were playing with a handgun in the family's home.  “I really miss him,” says Mataio Jantoc, 10 (right).  “Even though we’re little, this has had one of the biggest impacts in our life and it just really hurts.”  From left to right: Tim Miller, father, Merina Sanchez, 5, Brittany Walker, 8, and Mataio Jantoc, 10. They are hugged by their mother, Lena Jantoc, from behind. (© Karen Ducey/ Seattle PI)
 Don Burkheimer (left) and Su (CQ) Ferguson grieve while watching a video remembering their niece, Rachel Burkheimer, at the sentencing of her murder at the Snohomish County Courthouse in Everett, WA.
What's a party to some is serious business to others as Canuck's fans give a thumbs up while police appear concerned of the growing riot on the downtown streets of Vancouver, BC after the Canucks were defeated by the Boston Bruins in the Stanly Cup on June 15, 2011. (photo copyright Karen Ducey)
Anti-Bush protesters including Billy Debaste, 15, (bottom) from Edmonds Woodway High School take turns
A full moon turns red as it hangs below the Space Needle during a lunar eclipse in Seattle.  The moon appears red when it falls fully within the earth's shadow. (© Karen Ducey/Seattle PI)
Lindy West from Where magazine in Seattle checks out a skull and arteries of the head during a preview for the press of Bodies: the Exhibition at 800 Pike St. in Seattle on September 26, 2006.(PI photo/Karen Ducey)
Fred Drake (left) and Aaron Drake(right), age 11, use boxes to shield their heads during the heavy rains which drowned Pacers fans prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals.  The large screen viewing party across the street from Conseco Fieldhouse attracted thousands of people despite the poor weather. (© Karen Ducey/Indianapolis Star)
At Third Ave and Pine in Seattle on July 6, 2007, police pat down and question young people in front of Macy's department store at around 9:30pm. The cops let them go but wouldn't tell me why they had stopped them or what the were asking them.  The kids wouldn't talk to me either.  (PI photo/Karen Ducey)
Vera Ranguelova plays on a swingset with her son Yoan in Seattle. She says she is not single but she may as well be as her husband works all the time. (© Karen Ducey/Seattle PI)
Mackenzie Forman,9 (left) and her brother Chance Forman,8, (feet only) jump into the Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake at Spring Canyon.
Angie Sherbina, 16, and her boyfriend Rod Lats,19, both from Federal Way, WAsh., skateboard along Alki Beach on Harbor Ave. and Alki Ave. SW on Valentines Day on February 14, 2008.
Senator John Edwards and his family including Emma Claire (in Photo) enjoys the crowd after he acceoted his nomination for Vice Preident at the Democratic National Convention in Boston,MA on July 28, 2004. (© Karen Ducey)
Workers from Pioneer Masonry Restoration Company clean the western quadrant of the Tacoma Dome.
A cat rescued from a house at 316 S Alexander St., New Orleans, looks out of his
Nico de la Cruz, 11, from Port Orchard ,WA, throws rocks into Lena Lake while on a hike with his family.  Lena Lake, in the eastern Olympics, is a popular and moderately easy hike in the spring.
A dog is found stranded on a closet shelf in an abandoned two weeks after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans in 2005.
Volunteers help in a Port au Prince hospital in Haiti on September 17, 2011. (photo copyright Karen Ducey)